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Love Your Skin With Christine Smith – The History

30th June 2008: How could I know how much my life would change on this date?

This is the date I registered to become a Consultant with The Body Shop at Home and I’ve never looked back.

Let’s face it, everyone LOVES The Body Shop®. From memories of filling perfume bottles in the store as a teenager, to our first body butter experience and White Musk fragrance-filled school disco halls, the brand awakens the senses and evokes memories.

I’ve always been a fan so, when I was looking for an opportunity to earn an income whilst building another business around three young children, I didn’t think twice before registering my interest when The Body Shop at Home™ popped up on my screen during some random internet browsing. 

 Through ‘Love Your Body With Christine Smith’, I now proudly help lots of amazing women with their Body Shop journey.


Products-aside, what I love most about the company is its ethics.

I’ve always passionately believed that no animal should be hurt so that I can enjoy nice skincare and make up, so I love the fact that, not only is The Body Shop® Leaping Bunny certified (link to website – to open in new window?), but they actively campaign for an end to animal testing of cosmetic products and the ingredients that go into them. How amazing is that?!

And what about other campaigns? I can remember signing a Save the Whale petition outside The Body Shop® when I was a student, and the posters calling for ‘Trade Not Aid’, so to actually be involved with such campaigns during my journey with The Body Shop at Home™ has truly awakened my activist spirit.

But what about those products? Ethically sourced with the environment at their heart, what’s not to love? From beautifully fragranced body products, to award winning skincare and high-impact make-up, The Body Shop® has it all, no matter what your passion.


The Body Shop at Home™ offers the perfect opportunity to earn an income by sharing your love of the products and the brand. There’s the option to join as a Consultant, or to climb to the higher ranks of the compensation plan. This is a business of choice and there’s no pressure – you simply do what’s right for you, with the full support of your upline and wider team. And there’s no need to worry if you’ve never done anything like this before – we have your back with full training and ongoing support and guidance.

I’ll be honest, I joined to earn an extra £200-400 per month, working from home and doing one or two parties each week (this was before social media revolutionised how we do things). Over time, as my confidence grew, I got the bug and wanted more. By the end 2020 the Love Your Skin With Christine Smith team had grown to around 4,000 consultants who retailed an incredible £11 million of products in that year alone. Some people join The Body Shop at Home™ to earn extra income working from home. Some do it for personal reasons, maybe to build confidence or something just for themselves. Some do it simply because they love the products. Whatever your motivation, could today be the date that your life changes?

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